Therapy for Individuals

We have a staff that brings a range of proven approaches to working with you on your own personal wellness goals. Your goals are set by you and your therapist; goals may be related to your ongoing struggle with alcohol or drugs, or related to improving your mood, or making some positive changes in your life, or learning to cope with stress in positive ways.

Staff can help you figure out the best plan to reach your goals.

Group Therapy

Your therapist might suggest that you try working in a therapy group with other people who share similar goals. Group therapy has been documented over and over as one of the most effective treatment optons—not only for substance abuse, but also for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and many other issues.

We provide several different types of group, at several different days and times, for your convenience—including Early Recovery Group, Stress Management Group, and Relapse Prevention Group.

Therapy for Families

We offer therapy for families who are seeking skills and insight to create a supportive and positive family life.